Frequently Asked Questions

What are eyelash extensions one by one?
To each own eyelash is applied, with a special technique and an specific hypoallergenic adhesive, one synthetic or natural hair eyelash. We do it within a distance between 1 and 2mm ahead the root of your eyelash to prevent allergies or your eyelash from suffering. Eyelash extensions fall slowly, lasting a maximum of 4-5 weeks, and we recommend a maintenance or refill every 15-20 days to wear them permanently. A first treatment will have a duration of 90 minutes and 60 minutes a refill.

Does my eyelash suffer or run any danger by doing the treatment of one by one eyelash extensions?
Natural eyelashes do not suffer any damage since extensions are placed between 1 and 2 mm from the root of the natural lash. In this way, and avoiding any contact with the skin, we reduce the risk of allergies and our eyelash may continue its life cycle normally, it just regenerates the same way it would do it if we were not wearing eyelash extensions.

Is it normal that my natural eyelashes fall?
Yes, our eyelashes have a life cycle of approximately 40-60 days. After this time, they fall and give way to a new lash. Thus, the extension which is positioned above the lash, will fall with it. Our natural eyelashes regenerate wheter we wear one by one eyelash extensions as if it is not the case.

How often do I have to do a one by one eyelash extensions refill?
There is no exact frequency for all clients, but it depends on the cycle of our natural eyelash, each client has a different cycle. We recommend a refill every 15-20 days after each treatment. Anyhow, it will be considered as a refill when the last treatment has been performed in the last 30 days.

Have the eyelash extensions treatment any specific care?
After the first treatment, we recommend to not wet them the first 12-24 hours and oil-free products should be used in the eyes are to not damage the function of the adhesive. Moreover, it requires no other care thank the ones you would have with your natural eyelashes.

May I go to the beach and the swimmingpool and wet the extensions?
No problem at all, they are water and sweat resistant, so you can wet them and play sports without worrying.

May I have the one by one eyelash extensions treatment done if I am allergic to cosmetics?
The product contact with the skin is minimal and all the products used are hypoallergenic and they comply with the Spanish and European cosmetic regulations, but for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies we can perform the treatment with our Mírame Safety Glue, security adhesive to prevent any reaction. However, the extensions may last less with this adhesive than with Mírame Intense Adhesive, the one we normally use.

What could I do if I am not satisfied with the result of my treatment?
At Mírame our priority is to overcome the expectations of our customers. For this reason, we offer a guarantee of 48 hours in all treatments (72 hours if the next day is Saturday or bank holiday), consisting in another treatment free of cost to achieve the desired effect. 

One of your types of eyelashes, the Princess, are 100% real mink. Does the animal suffer any damage or stress during the process of hair extraction?
All products and eyelashes that we use are "cruelty-free" in terms of animals, all of which successfully pass EU cosmetics regulations and of course in none of them are any animals harmed for marketing.
As for the Princess eyelashes, which are 100% real mink, we have the guarantee of our provider that the hair is extracted with a manual brushing of the mink, without it suffering any type of damage or stress.

Is the process of placing eyelash extensions painful?
Not at all, you will by lying in a stretcher and relaxed, you will barely notice anything. In fact, most of the clients fall asleep.

Is threading painful?
It is less painful than other techniques, and faster. Il also prevents wrinkles and it does not irritate the skin.

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