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The time for Online Beauty Training has come. Why?

We have training experience

Claudia Romero, CEO Mírame

Claudia Romero Lapuente, CEO of Mírame, had the vision to undertake in an area that was beginning to flourish in other western countries.

The first challenge was to develop their own concept for Spain, Mírame & Brows, and then create their own product line to ensure their quality, a key factor of the brand.

Only with eyelash extensions the project is born already with an annual turnover of € 100,000

Online training in capsules

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Online training in capsules has reached business schools and university formations. It has done so breaking into the market. 

Beauty training has a long way to go in the online sector and is a niche with a very important growth margin.

In online training the scalability is infinite without increasing expenses beyond advertising. There are no fixed costs and most costs are directly related to the completion of the courses.

Revolutionary Training Platform

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My Beauter Academy is the training platform that will revolutionize the beauty sector. It will bring online and offline training to a target between 16 and 45 years old, Spanish-speaking women and men located in Spain, Latin America and the United States.

Adapted format so that anyone can train and combine it with their current professional dedication. From any device. Any time

Regulated Training With tutors who will accompany you along the way.


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There is no established competitor with the beauty professional as a target in our country. High demand for training outside working hours and that can be organized at the hourly level.

We are a disruptive platform that aims to change beauty training as we know it, going from a 100% offline training to a 100% online or semipresencial training.

We are experts in online marketing and automation.


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