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Banc Sabadell and Mírame Lashes & Brows reach an agreement to expand the market leader of eyelash extensions and eyebrows design

Sobre: lunes, noviembre 7, 2016
Banc Sabadell and Mírame Lashes & Brows leader, the market leader of eyelash extensions 1 to 1 and design eyebrows in Spain, have reached an agreement for the expansion of the brand, which aims to open 200 franchises over the next 3 years.

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Mírame Lashes & Brows aims to open 200 exclusive eyelash extensions centers in Europe

Sobre: martes, octubre 18, 2016
The market leader in eyelash extensions one by one and eyebrows design in Spain, Mírame Lashes & Brows has already begun its expansion through franchise in Europe.

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Vogue Fashion Night Out 2016 at Mírame Madrid

Sobre: viernes, septiembre 16, 2016
Fashion and beauty always go hand by hand, so we could not miss out the night organized by the iconic publication.

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Is Cristiano Ronaldo wearing eyelash extensions one by one?

Sobre: jueves, septiembre 15, 2016
During the last weeks, the media has highlighted the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo has put on eyelash extensions one by one. In Mírame we have analyzed the images and here you can read our opinion.

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Mírame experience;The secret of Fani Stipkovic´s perfect look

Sobre: miércoles, julio 13, 2016
Journalist, tv presenter, producer, model ...  there is nothing that can resist to Fani Stipckovic, not even our Eyelash Extension one to one.

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Mírame Lashes & Brows continues its expansion with the brand new center in Seville

Sobre: miércoles, junio 15, 2016
The eyelash extensions and eyebrows design have finally reached the south with the opening of the new center in the Andalusian capital. There are already four Mírame centers in Spain, together with the two in Barcelona and the one in Madrid.

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Brows Kit Mírame, your brows look always defined

Sobre: miércoles, mayo 18, 2016
Trends change and not only in fashion, but in beauty too. Adapting to them through treatmentsis simple, but sometimes we simply don't have the time, so the option to take care of them from home is the most attractive.

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Mírame Lashes&Brows opens a new center in Barcelona

Sobre: lunes, marzo 14, 2016
On Friday, March 11th, took place the official opening day of the new center Mírame Lashes & Brows, the second in Barcelona, located at Muntaner 210 (London Street Corner).

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