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Mírame - The center specializes in your eyes (eyelashes and eyebrows) in Madrid and Barcelona

Mírame is a specialized center in the expression of the eyes from improving your eyelashes and eyebrows. As for the eyelashes, we offer a exclusive treatment of eyelash extensions one by one, to enhance the look, or an alternative treatment of tint and permanent of eyelashes. We also offer a personalized eyebrows design for both women and men, which will make your eyes shine even more.

What are eyelash extensions one by one?

To every eyelash is applied with a special technique and with a specifical, hypoalergenic and waterproof glue, one eyelash of synthetic hair. Synthetic hair eyelashes are falling slowly lasting up to 4-5 weeks. To carry eyelash extensions permanent maintenance will be performed between the second and third week, when with a touch of one hour again have the same effect as the first day.

During a cosmetic treatment from one hour and half to two hours the eyelashes are applied without pain. The result is a beautiful eyelashes, long and dense ever unmasked. You can shower with them, care for face, go swimming and play sports without worrying about anything.

For your dream to have beautiful long lashes and thick for a seductive look radiant and unique expression.

What is our personalized eyebrows design?

With our personalized eyebrows design get a more expressive eyebrows and you have more harmony with your face. We advise you as to which design is best for your eyebrows and to preserve the harmony of your face and to accentuate the expressiveness of your look. In a treatment of 30 minutes you will have a personalized design for your eyebrows look even more spectacular.